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Dark Lucia by Daphne-Phantom
Dark Lucia
So I was rummaging about in my fanart folder and I found a sketch of Lucia from Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch resting on her arms and looking in front with slightly narrower eyes. I forget what I was going for, but I think I was going for a more seductive look. Don't think it worked though...

So anyway, This is what Lucia looks like in my headcanon if she ever turned dark. I was originally going to change the hair, but I realized that I wouldn't be able to colour it in as well as I did with her pigtails. It also makes her easier to recognize, but I'll bite. I'm sure you can see other changes to Lucia other than eye and hair colour, and before anyone asks, she's the Pink Pearl Princess, what happened to red? Red eyes are practically a go to for evil characters, and they actually look good on her in my admittedly biased opinion (I think everything looks good on her), besides making her the hell creepier. Lucia now has paler skin in comparison to her canon counterpart, and her eyes are most definitely narrower. Anyone notice she's not wearing her necklace?

This was my first attempt at soft-shading. Apparently Lucia was the worst choice for a first attempt, (her hair is a real pain). I'm tempted to never do it again, honestly, even though I'm quite happy with the result, her hair especially. Back onto the topic of Lucia, I had a plot bunny, about Lucia not being the Pink Pearl Princess. So she has a sister, a younger sister that has pink hair and eyes. Her sister, also called Luchia, except with an 'h' replaces her for about twelve episodes, and Lucia appears in the thirteenth one for Luchia's birthday. Oh, and instead of Luchia facing Gaito, it's her who stares him down and literally fights him back. Just imagine her and Gaito having a stare-off. And then she suddenly unleashes a beam of light... One more thing, she's the Queen. The RED Queen.
Lineless Art Attempt - Coco Human by Daphne-Phantom
Lineless Art Attempt - Coco Human
Okay... so this is my pathetic attempt at lineless art. I used a screenshot from Pure to do my first attempt. I'm not particularly happy with how the eyes turned out, nor how the hair is, particularly her fringe, but considering that Manga Studio EX 4 doesn't exactly work with the usual techniques used with SAI or Photoshop, I think I did okay.

This is also my pathetic attempt at backgrounds, mainly because I suck at them, even while drawing on paper. This is why I'm glad for the half-opaque brushes - I can layer on the colour without using more than one layer, and it's pretty easy to use for clouds.

Original image:…
Zhi Hui Pixel Doll by Daphne-Phantom
Zhi Hui Pixel Doll
Yeah... This is why I don't do pixel art. Too much trouble for my liking. This is what Zhi Hui should look like in-story, more specifically her meeting with Lucia at her home in Chapter 1. Quick note, she's missing her jacket.

The story, Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pearls, can be found at… . Yeah, I know, she probably doesn't look twelve... but take a look at Seira, she looks like she's ten.

I used the female tween SSMU base and lengthened the legs. 
Base can be found at:…
Base by:
Seira Idol Pencil Drawing by Daphne-Phantom
Seira Idol Pencil Drawing
Yeah... another one of the Princesses. I think it's going to become a series... Again, name was added with MeituXiuxiu.
I changed my style a bit... I think the hair looks better like this.
Hanon Idol Pencil Drawing by Daphne-Phantom
Hanon Idol Pencil Drawing
This is just a drawing of Hanon in her Idol form, because the kids that I was looking after wanted me to draw something. It's just a picture for now, until my mother buys the scanner as she promised. It's not in colour because my colour pencils are almost gone, and I don't have enough beige for her skin.

The words are Hanon's name and were added digitally with Meitu Xiuxiu.


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